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Blue-White Industries

Blue-White offers a huge variety of products for chemical feed. Their peristaltic metering pumps are simple and reliable; with an easy to use interface and a variety of integral control options they are a one-stop shop for chemical feed. They excel particularly at feeding chemicals which off-gas. Blue-White also builds dual-diaphragm pumps with a smooth flow rate, and many varieties of flow indicators and meters. Blue-White also has in-house skid designs available. Bartlett and Brillon are the exclusive New England agent for the Blue-White M series, which are designed especially for the municipal water and wastewater sectors.

MS-6 Chemical Feed Sensor

M-4 Peristaltic Pump

MD-3 Multi-Diaphragm Pump

Blue-White M Series Website
The Blue-White website offers specifications and literature for their products, as well as field testimonials and advice on pump selection.