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TOMCO2 Systems

TOMCO2 Systems specializes in carbon dioxide injection as a method of pH control in a variety of water and wastewater contexts. TOMCO2 has pioneered the pressurized solution feed, which maximizes the conversion of CO2 into carbonic acid, a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly acid that can then be used to control pH. TOMCO2 also boasts a wide range of scalability on both their pressurized solution feed and their traditional CO2 feed systems, with CO2 reservoirs ranging from 1 to 3,000 pounds. 

Pressurized Solution Feed System
Direct Feed System

EA Series Horizontal Storage Pressure Vessel

TOMCOSystems Website
The TOMCO2 Systems website contains product descriptions and feature details to help you decide which pH control system is right for you, as well as contact forms if you have any questions about the technology.